5 Tips For Preparing For Harvest

Everybody yearns for high yield during the harvest time. Now time is just around the corner you need to be sufficiently informed on how to prepare for harvest; below are the tips you need to put into practice.

1.Know your crop maturity

Have an estimate on the maturity of each crop. However, you still need to keep on checking the fields in case of any surprises of early maturity to minimize the spoilage of the harvest. Knowing the maturity will help to plan for expenses expected in terms of storage, transport, and hiring of equipment if need be. This planning can be done by entirely depending on your past years’ harvest record because they give a clear indication of what you expect in the current harvest season.

2.Prepare your equipment early

It is not wise to wait until the day you are planning to make a harvest to start preparing your equipment. In most instances, it will cause a delay as some of the equipment may require some repair or replacement, so preparing your equipment early enough is in order.

3.Keep equipment clean

With an alarming rate of many diseases, cleaning your equipment should be appropriate to prevent the spread of diseases or pests from one field to another or from one season to another. So ensure all harvesting equipment are cleaned early enough to avoid a last-minute rush. It is necessary also to clean the bin to provide a high quality of grain stored.

4.Diagnose problems from the previous harvest

In case you had a field which didn’t yield to your expectation, then it is to try and make diagnoses on the possible challenges and their possible remedy. Such information will go a long way into boosting your harvest in the coming harvest.

5. Put in order the help required

During the harvesting season it evident that you cannot do it all by yourself. You will need to source for help in advance because during the harvest times there is a stiff competition of labor, so keep your help to avoid frustration when harvest time comes. You can do this by occasionally reminding your laborers you expect them at a specified period – read article on ready to harvest buds.


Hopefully, the above tips will enable you to boost your yields during harvest seasons and avoid frustration.